PowerShell function to keep your GitHub fork in sync

By | 2016-05-19

Having seen a tweet from June Blender (‏@juneb_get_help) today pointing to her blog post “GitHub: How to update your fork“, I figured this would be the time to share a PowerShell function I made a while back, to assist me in keeping GitHub forks in sync.

So I gave it a minor overhaul tonight. There is certainly stil room for improvement (among other things I’m sure June would point out the lack of help text). Even if it is stil a little rugh around the edges, and wasn’t originaly intended to be shared, it has helped me out a great deal already, and might be helpful to you as well.

To use it either run the function from the directory of your local GitHub repository. Alternatively you can specify path(s) and/or branch(es) to sync using the parameters.

Feel free to use it, and please provide feedback, suggestions, alternatives in the comment thread.

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